July 01, 2007

So it's the first of July and it actually slipped my mind that it's the start of a month long challenge at dyxum - to use only one prime lens this July. I was debating whether to use the ST135/3.5 or the ST35/3.5. I think I am at home with a longer lens like a 135mm - and so I thought I better use the 35mm instead. The 35mm will also come in more handy when I bring the combo on my way to work. Stealth photography will definitely be part of this month's posts :P
This will be a very a hard and interesting month for me - photography wise - and so I thought I might use this challenge as my theme for this month. At the same time, this will be the first time I will type down my 'photographic' thoughts in this blog.
During the film days, I got to use a 50mm and a 28mm primes - the Min50/1.7MD being my favorite. 35mm in digital will actually look like a 52mm. I still have the 28mm but I have to use it with a 'glassed' adapter plus it's prone to sensor reflection - plus an additional 1.2x conversion - so I decided it's a no go.
So I hurriedly took a couple of shots with my KM5D+ST35/3.5 inside the house tonight and had to review how 'wide' a 35mm would be - plus I must have something to post today. Tried available light and the onboard flash but decided to post a blurred one which I took at arm's length not minding if it will end up sharp and solid. My 'goal' was to check 'my coverage' with the combo:

'Watching with Dad'

It's a self portrait with my eldest son at the background while we were watching TV. I hope my pics get better everyday but there's no guarantee :D

And so as someone said it at dyxum... let the games begin :D

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