July 31, 2007

wuhoo! I get to finish first! LOL!

Just to follow up on sunday's shot, here's a guava shot :D (not official)

We have a guava tree at the backyard and this was served to my son for breakfast - he didn't eat it today :D

Managed to sit at the back of the bus with a clean window today.
Official Shot


Still needs lot of practice :D Bus was doing 90kph at the skyway.

There's a Pepsi plant near our village

And part of the ongoing South Luzon EXpressway (SLEX) rehabilatation
'Man and Machine'

A church under construction
'Busy Church'

One funny thing about riding the bus in the Philippines with a camera is that you will really not be able to look at the viewfinder as you bounce with the bus - LOL! So "stealth shooting" is the best way to do it.

I just wish I had more time in using my ST35 on sunny days but it's rainy season already (more clouds but no rain). [Drat, its El Nino that we're experiencing over here].

Well, I really had fun and learned a lot. So I'm looking forward to the next challenge. Thanks all for watching and bearing with my 'snapshots'.

Got to think of another theme starting next month.

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