October 17, 2007

Official: Star Cruising
That's a high plane cruising thru Pleiades and Hyades

Finally, some bokeh happy shots
My Desk Fan
My Tripod+Head

We're halfway our One Prime Challenge at Dyxum. My thread here with my forum members' comments where I can only post a maximum of 3 photos. Today I brought my prime combo with me hence I have more pictures to show:

What's on TV?

Fortunate bus ride today, the glass window is clean! :)

National Fist

That's what the locals have tagged Manny Pacquiao when he won his latest title against Antonio Barrera. More on the event here
This is a Nike ad btw.


Bad for you

*Shots taken with KM5D and Super Takumar 55/1.8 via an M$2 mount to Minolta A-mount adapter.

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