July 31, 2008

31 July - Finale
A Tribute : From Blue to Orange
Minolta to Sony :)
July One Prime signing off

July 30, 2008

30 July - To the Window
I was trying to blend the exposure of the airplane toy with the blue sky but was unable to do it - I even used flash already.
I had a limited time to borrow the toy from the owner :P

July 29, 2008

29 July - Bell Station
Well I'm not really sure what is it called but whenever a train that passes by,
the bell which is inside that small cabin rings.
At the background is the airport :)

2 days to go

July 28, 2008

26 July - The Alphas
Some of the Sony users at DPP managed to gather that night and here are the tools :)

27 July - Dusty
Drove for about 300kms today - Muntinlupa>Olongapo and back.
Nissan's Grand Livina is a joy to drive.

28 July - Dawn
Taken at about 5AM today :P

July 25, 2008

24 July - Busy Day
Saw these men talking at the corner of the street so I went and grab the cam.
By the time I got back it was 'busier' down there.

25 July - Half Rainbow
Coby: When is it going to be full?

Side note: The lens will have to go :P
I have a Min50/1.7AF - it should be better than this.

July 23, 2008

23 July - Lapu-lapu
at the corner of Paseo de Roxas and Makati Ave

July 22, 2008

22 July - Drawing Diptych
The boys drawing things this morning.
Coby is crazy about airplanes and
Enji doing some figures.

I hope they grow up drawing better than me ;-p

July 21, 2008

19 July - Canyon Woods, Tagaytay
Our department spent the day at Canyon Woods.
It is a nice place. Unfortunately, it was very warm that day.
It was very bright and my lens didn't do a good job.

20 July - The Bromeliad at Night

I noticed that the blue|yellow tip of the flower was gone
and the flower seem to have closed.
Very interesting.
Some tips are already drying out.

22 July - Three T's
Another uninspired shot :P

July 18, 2008

18 July - Bloodletting day
It's our annual bloodletting day in the office,
unfortunately I did not pass the screening due to a recent trip abroad.
Better luck next year :P

BTW, my blood type is AB :)
Red blood cell compatibility
* Blood group AB individuals have both A and B antigens on the surface of their RBCs,
and their blood serum does not contain any antibodies against either A or B antigen.
Therefore, an individual with type AB blood can receive blood from any group (with AB being preferable),
but can donate blood only to another group AB individual.

Universal donors and universal recipients
With regard to transfusions of whole blood or packed red blood cells,
individuals with type O negative blood are often called universal donors,
and those with type AB positive blood are called universal recipients

July 17, 2008

17 July - Smithsonian Toy
I'm having a love|hate relationship with the Helios44M.
I'm wishing the minimum focus distance is shorter.
Loving the bokeh. Must compare with Min50/1.7. f2 vs f1.7 :P

Meanwhile on the other cam, I am still watching and shooting the bromeliad.
Here's one:

July 16, 2008

16 July - Bromeliad

I'm still looking for the exact type.
Last night it looked like this:
(with flash)

Today it looks like this:

pic-a-bromeliad-a-day? :D

July 15, 2008

12 July - Bowling Day
On the way to the bowling center,
I shot the famous Mary Queen of Peace or Our Lady of EDSA

It was our Masters tournament today and I finished 2nd to the last in our group :P
Then spent some time at the Nissan Gallery in Ortigas to have the seat covers of the car installed.
I spent the time playing with the addicting Text Twist to kill time.
It took almost 2hrs to install the seat covers.

Finally, it was time to go back home and met a heavy traffic along Bicutan so
I took the chance to shoot the newly made elevated walkway on that area.
These constructions really help the traffic moving inside Bicutan.
It is safer and faster for the pedestrians to move around.

13 July - Day of Obligation
Brought my cam along and shot our parish church - St. Peregrine

and had our new car blessed after the Mass :)

14 July - Running out of Ideas
So I just shot the new plant's flower :P

15 July - Helen's Almost Gone
Tropical depression 'Helen' is almost outside Philippines' area of responsibility.
Yesterday, it poured hard and floods were reported in Luzon.
I hope no one died this time around.
Hoping for a bright and clear day ahead of us.

July 11, 2008

Lego Madness
That's the pilot and that's an airplane. Dunno who's the penguin supposed to be.
The rounded legos is the airplane and the rest is the airport
C0by's airport craze :))

July 10, 2008

was driving and took a stealth shot of a jeepney just beside|behind me (on a red light).
It was mentioned in the news that there will another fare hike this week...
and oil price just keeps on going up.
It's just so hard to earn a living for these jeepney drivers, well for some :P

July 09, 2008

Posting for 2 days and I have 2 photos for the 8th, but the first one wasn't posted in Dyxum (pic-a-day mode)

08 July
Jerry the Iron Car
Got it yesterday :))

Tool i.e.

09 July
This is a shot for a 'Patterns' theme

July 07, 2008

I'll post three pictures for three days (Saturday - Monday) - today in one page.

Our bowling tournament is still ongoing and happens on Saturdays.
05Jul - Two more Saturdays and its over. I hope we win the top position.

The Wheel

06Jul - I have yet to read a book about Adam's work.

07Jul - One last drive|look today. I hope.

... I watched the greatest Tennis game ever played (so far) last night.
Nadal won.

And no, I don't know how to play tennis :D

July 04, 2008

North by Northwest
North by Northwest is at #28 in IMDB's Top 250.
A friend has shared his AVI to me
but I haven't got the time to watch it yet :P

Obviouslyl, I'm still getting to know the Helios 44M.
I've set the cam to +.5EV but the result still looks kind of underexposed on my monitor
- metered in multisegment mode.
Maybe a full stop +EV is just enough for a wide open aperture.
Think film.

Bought this display plane last night.
My eldest son is fascinated by airplanes.
We recently took a trip via NWA airlines and we were able to ride different airplane models.
Anyway, I was surprised to see this NWA merchandise in a local shop.
Needless to say, my son was very happy with his new (display) toy :))

July 03, 2008

Down the Drainpipe
There's another weather disturbance today, gloomy rainy day.

July 02, 2008

It's really difficult to look for something interesting inside the house.
Maybe I should bring the gear outside and shoot while on my way to work.

02 - Jul: Nylon

Helios 44M's minimum focus is somewhere at 1.5ft.
I'm trying to shoot at higher ISOs - starting at 800 just for fun.
Maybe I should add that to my 'challenge'.

July 01, 2008

Another prime lens challenge has started at dyxum.
This time, I chose the Helios 44M f2|55mm [w/ the KM7D].
IMHO, it's a cheap lens that is very able.
The bokeh are nice and smooth and it's sharp at the center even wide open.
Corners I think are soft but can be an advantage depending on the subject and composition.

My added challenge: no PP and no crop.... so let's roll:

01July - Coby's Towel

Current Moon Phase