September 16, 2008

A Different Perspective :))

September 11, 2008

fear high ISO no more :))
Shot taken with NR OFF
really love that GRAIN now :D

Luminance and Color Noise reduced 100% in LR1.3

September 10, 2008

Never fear noise again :D
Impromptu test shots after I upgraded my firmware to V4
ISO6400 with NR switched OFF
Love the grain - makes me want to print them to check how will they look on paper

I shall never fear going past ISO1600 again :D
Thanks $ony for breathing new life to a not so old cam :)

September 09, 2008

Just a few days to Sony's much awaited announcement of its FF DSLR (A900),
a firmware update for the A700 leaked.

Confirmed 'fixes':
NR OFF option
Better High ISO NR
2steps EV exposure bracketing
plus I'm hoping it will address the 'noisy blue sky' syndrome :P

waiting patiently for SAL70400G's price O_o

September 08, 2008

Canadian Geese


post: [images with watermark]
wanted to reply: Hi, looks like your images won't be needing any watermark yet
[with that calibre - no one will snatch it from you yet. Heehee.]

September 05, 2008

(photo borrowed from the Net)

Exciting times specially for the Minolta die hard fans... not so for the 'can't afford' ones - haha!

September 03, 2008

Perpekto :)


Global warming? Wait 'til 2011|2012
Read further: The Sun Loses its Spots
"While sidewalks crackle in the summer heat, NASA scientists are keeping a close eye on the sun.
It is almost spotless, a sign that the Sun may have reached solar minimum.
Scientists are now watching for the first spot of the new solar cycle to appear.

A spotless Sun (taken last June)

September 01, 2008

Impressive for a 4yr old :P
He can even spell Philippines correctly!

Our culture and behavior is kinda intriguing and is usually 'ironic'.
People post pictures for comments and criticism
but are too 'onion-skinned' on honest to goodness constructive criticisms.
One of the famous line is 'I'm not a pro'...

post: I'm not a pro.
wanted to reply: It shows dude.
of course I do give constructive criticisms :)

Current Moon Phase