December 26, 2008

6/7 Perigee @ Full Moon
taken last 13Dec
It may be late but Merry Christmas everyone! :)
and last but not the least,
finally got my birthday gift this year

It's a great photographic tool that can make ordinary things like an ETS look like this:
I'll be using this lens w/ the A700 for the January Prime Challenge 2009.
Stay tuned!

December 23, 2008

Another Lame Attempt

But here's a lens that's far from being lame :P
Minolta 300mm

December 20, 2008

4/7 Biometrics
another lame subject :P

December 18, 2008

3/7 Curtain
Was just going for the details :P

December 17, 2008

December 16, 2008

Sorry folks.
Was busy for the past few weeks practicing for our department's band's first ever gig :D
Some said it went well \m/

Back to regular programming, over at dyxum we just finished our week 50 (a week of prime challenge using only a 50mm) and it was a good time to use my recently purchased Min50/3.5.
It's really a very fine piece of optics.

Local Airport
I decided to do a no PP|no Crop set

December 04, 2008

It's already December :)

Last Monday was a spectacular conjunction of
Venus, Jupiter and the Moon sporting an Earthshine.
Here's what I call 'Portrait' :)

Current Moon Phase