January 03, 2009

Happy New Year and all the best to everyone :)

Got the chance to drive for almost 12hrs last week.
I had fun behind the wheel driving for almost 12hrs - from 4am to 3pm. Going automatic has its benefits :D
I am now fully convince how efficient and powerful the Nissan Livina is
(cough - no this is not an advertisement :D)
The roads are all cemented already with a mix of smooth and rough roads
due to wear and tear or erosion that makes the asphalt feels like an accordion
or the cement feels like a barren land with lots of cracks which made the ride noisy and bumpy.
Nevertheless, I rate the overall experience very good except for those drivers who still don't know how to place safe when turning on sharp curves. They just don't endanger themselves but other viajeros as well.
Many thanks to my wife's relatives who 'toured' and adopted us for 4days :)

Some of the usual rides that you can see at Cagayan Valley

A visit at Magat Dam (pano shot)

A visit at the famous Callao Cave

and some shots on the way back home
Dalton Peak|Pass - border of Nueva Vizcaya and Nueva Ecija
It was foggy when we passed by

Had to stop
to shoot this scene

again, thanks for looking :)

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