January 04, 2009

The January Prime Challenge 2009 @ dyxum is on.
I recently sold my Bigma to fund a 'once in a lifetime' opportunity to get a Min300/4. It was offered to me some time ago and I was surprised it was still available when I am not contented with the Bigma's output anymore.
This is my first G lens. It's heavy but I don't mind. My left arm needs the workout. Haha!
Here are the shots so far - mated with the A700, opted for no crop|PP but I had to adjust the first shot a little.

01/31 Feast of Mary, Mother of God

02/31 The Collector

03/31 Outtake: Rugbird

03/31 Bubbles

04/31 LightsOn

Stay tuned :)

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