January 20, 2009

(fixed links to bigger images :P)

A lame attempt for 16/31.
That's the white wine's cork. I tried ISO6400 again :P
17/31 Watergun Gang ep2009

That's soldier Enji up front and Police Coby on the background
(Yep, no pp on that one)


Gonna Wet Ya! Pt1



Gonna Wet Ya! Pt2He almost got me, 300mm is too short to shoot a portrait of a watergun wielding subject :D

18/31 Lookout

Outtake: Find the Bird :D
19/31 Bokeh, Colors and The Gray Card... or should I say Grey Card?
Thought about getting this shot after reading the revived Bokeh and (yet another) Skin Tone issue threads.
Used the dropper on the graycard and the colored changed appropriately, nice!
(therefore pp'd)

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