July 22, 2009

There was a partial lunar eclipse visible from the Philippines today.
Here are two shots w/ the Sony T500 using film as filter :P
Images converted to grayscale

July 15, 2009

My wife was looking for a video cam so I researched the Net. Our Panasonic miniDV vidcam died on us a couple of years ago and I've gathered a couple of miniDV tapes for memories and now I don't know how to play them back w/o getting a new miniDV vidcam :P
Anyway, the new breed of p&s digicams are already sporting movies in 720p resolution so I suggested to skip the vidcam. Our budget can only afford VGA resolution anyway if we go for a vidcam. If we go for a p&s, we can get a digicam and a 720p vidcam in 1 camera. To cut the long story short, we settled for the Sony T500 and found a review that I find very true to the unit's performance with this issue that I find worth noting:

It's a good thing the T500 has a nicely designed battery charger (the type in which the plug folds into the body for easy transport), as that power-hungry screen and small battery mean you'll be spending a lot of time charging this camera's tiny lithium-ion battery pack. We went through several cycles of the battery in testing this Cyber-shot, and never succeeded in clearing 200 frames without a recharge. With average playback-mode use factored in, expect actual numbers closer to 150 shots per charge – and even lower if you shoot lots of video. In short, plan on buying a couple of spare batteries for your T500 if you want to get in a full shooting day without recharging.
Read the full review at Digital Camera Review

I have to get 1 or 2 spare batteries :P

Sorry haven't found time to update my blog :P
Will leave you with my entry to our latest DPC: Paper
It's only a piece of paper ;)

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