November 07, 2009

I sold the Canon 17-40L yesterday but the buyer sent me a message today that there's a white dot inside|on the front element. I think it's a blessing in disguise. I tried the Tamron 17-35 yesterday as an alternative but there's too much light fall off on the corners and it doesn't stand a chance on the Canon 17-40L in terms of color and sharpness.
So I'll get the lens back on Monday (whew!) and I think I'll just keep it and forget about the Canon 24-105L.
'Honest' reviews of the 24105L mention about it has harsh bokeh and it enlightened me why there's so many used 24105L on the market. I feel bad at the same time because it has a great range for a walk-about lens.
We really can't have it all do we? :P

I'll just wait for a Tamron 24-135 to come by.

On a sidenote, I fell in love with the Canon EF 85/1.8 that I tried w/ the 5Dmk1.
Something that Minolta don't have - an affordable 85mm.

Sorry no pics for today... just blogging :D

On Portable Audio:
UE came out with a new pair of IEMs - the UE700 Noise Isolating Earphones selling for USD199.
Nice size. Since I already am using the UE sf5v2, I googled and found this comparo.
Have you seen a dog smile? :)

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