December 23, 2009

Christmas is just around the corner and so I want to greet you people a Blessed Christmas :)

Last year I was looking at the Sony HVL-F58AM because of the first ever feature in any flash - it can swivel/rotate horizontally! Here's a proof in one of a Sony user's blog :P It has other cool features but looking at my ever dependable and powerful 5400HS flash, I didn't push through with the purchase.

This month I was fortunate to acquire the lower model Sony HVL-F42AM and just after an hour or so of use, I'm impressed! Only now I can use the A700 in Aperture Priority and leave the flash in Auto mode. The 3600HS will not work in Auto mode in the Alpha DSLRs - may it be KM or Sony. I just recently sold my workhorse 3600HS(D) unit, and I'm so glad I'm able to replace it with a newer Sony flash. I've envied Nikon's flash units that can cope up with the body's burst mode and now I'm floored to have learned (due to my excitement, I skipped on the manual which is typically me [LOL]) that the F42AM can do burst mode [standing ovation]. This put my faith back to Sony [cough]. Saw it in cameralabs forum, with a full review by Bjorn van Sinttruije and his video tour at youtube.
Now I'm really excited to try it with the hybrid batteries.
And I think the F42AM is the best deal in Sony's lineup :P
Gotta go now and check that Auto White Balance thingy. Ciao :)

edit: some pics from the office while playing with the old school Minolta wireless flash setup circa 1980s :P

yes, this one with 1 F42AM [in WL mode] only :)

edit 2: Here are 5 consecutive shots from the Minolta 3600HS and Sony HVL-F42AM. I used just a set of UniRoss Hybrio, after doing it w/ the 3600HS, I transferred them to the F42AM. Pretty impressive results really.



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