January 06, 2010

Just wanted to share Kurt Munger's current blog where he said:
"In the end, sharpness really doesn't matter, it's the right composition and lighting that will get you, or other people to take notice, not a fancy lens, or even a cheap lens in our recent case with the Tamron. Take your pocket camera with you next time you take a stroll in the local park or area attraction and see what you can come up with, if you're disappointed with your results, it won't be because of sharpness, it'll probably be from poor lighting and composition. "
Reminded me of my post in a forum titled 'When sharpness doesn't matter' from 3 years ago. There are lenses out there which have very good contrast, color and blur/bokeh that you wouldn't notice how sharp/unsharp it is anymore and will just make you shoot more. These lenses make you shoot from the "right brain" instead of the left (yes, I just mean using your artistic side). Go get one and keep shooting and improving. Cheers!

Mickey Mouse and Buzz Lightyear
Taken [a couple of years back] w/ an old school Rokkor lens adapted to a KM DSLR

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