February 13, 2010

Getting Used To:

Nokia Sports Tracker
Running 5K
Garmin MobileXT

Completed my 5K practice run today. Came in late last night so I postponed my 5AM run to 7AM to get more sleep.
Was excited to use the Nokia Sports Tracker 'officially' for the first time w/ my running. I fired it up when I started running but the GPS was only able to track me after 13min where I was already on my 3rd lap. Haven't loaded yet my Nokia Maps as what can be seen below, no map but my track was 'crudely' traced :D This is where I do my practice laps which is around the plaza.

On the right is the actual map from Nokia.

There are more extra info like altitude and graphs. Very impressive indeed. Takes my mind off Garmin and Suunto already :D
And there are more options like uploading your activity in real time but that means extra cost to me so I'll pass and if you know me, I'll get the most out of this stuff without spending extra cash :D

31:15 for 5K. I'm getting used to the 6min/km run. Have to check in at 30:00 one of these days.
That's the goal.

And last night after the office bowling tournament, I fired up the MobileXT just to get used to it and see if it works and how it works. My first experience with an onboard GPS is with my brother's Magellan GPS and the feel is very similar.

Same experience this morning, the GPS was only tracked after 15 mins or so. There are some cool views like the digital compass. Next to it are the points I saved and the tagged location is very precise.

The bus was running at 8.4km/h at one point somewhere on the Skyway. Zooming out all the way to see the whole of Philippines in Night Mode.

This one I have to confirm, we were on the SLEX but the map says Sergio Osmena Highway :P and another screenshot when I was about to get out of the bus. I almost missed my stop because I was looking intently on my N82 :D

Loving my Utility Phone.
Nokia N82=Swiss Knife.

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