February 15, 2010

Utility Phone!

We took a trip to SBMA yesterday. Of course I brought my utility phone.
[The night before I tried to 'fix' the maps in Nokia Maps but I just can't get it working smoothly and had to do a hard reset (by removing the battery) a couple of times because the phone was freezing.
I suspect it was eating the memory. I gave up and decided to just use the Garmin and Nokia Sports Tracker the next morning].

I switched Garmin and Nokia Sports Tracker on but stayed mainly w/ Garmin.
Upon reaching our destination, I snapped some screens.

At SBMA Freeport

Discovered the summary status screen

On the way back I zoomed out to check our location against Luzon

And we took SCTEX

I'm missing the voice navigation and hope to be able to install and "use it" tomorrow.

And some snaps w/ the N82.
San Roque, SBMA
Somewhere in SCTEX
(My first ever) Counterflow at the Candaba Via Duct
The road was jam-packed maybe due to this year's Hot Air Balloon festival.

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