March 28, 2010

Palm Sunday, Going North and Ovi Maps

Today is Palm Sunday and here's a shot of the blessing of palms at St. Peregrine Church

Going North

We made a trip to Bulacan today and I switched on my NST. I then realized that the uploading of service from N82 to NST will pull and post the photos I took while I was tracked via GPS.
We took different route to and fro and going back home was faster (we even took a detour to get our free 5R photo from Picture Company at ATC).

NST showing more info on the columns.

Going to Bulacan, I took some photos on the road.
We took SLEX > Taft Ave > McArthur Highway

Going back home, we took McArthur Highway > EDSA > SLEX.
EDSA is 'faster' than Taft Avenue where the latter is PLAGUED with stop lights :D

The shots I took on the road

The national election is fast approaching.
Let's pray for the Philippines.

It's been a long time since I last traveled along this side of Taft Ave...

Campaign Materials

Blind shot of the railtracks || 'Talipapa'

Tricycles and a Balloon Vendor || Monumento

Sto Nino on a Jeepney || Destination

Nokia [Ovi Maps] Endorsed Locally
by Ruffa Gutierrez

Ovi Maps was recently made free officially by Nokia.
Together with the Nokia Sports Tracker, it's an unbeatable pair of features from Nokia.

March 27, 2010

Earth Hour, Google Maps and 10+ Years Before

We just observed a no light hour tonight, the boys were very excited about it :)
That's an hour of savings on our electric bill :D

I decided to install the Google Maps on my N82 tonight.
Can't connect to the satellites but Google Maps can guess where I am :P

and 10+ years before, we were here:

March 26, 2010


The first official storm has visited the islands today and it brought some rain today.
I hope Agaton gives more rain to replenish the reservoirs.

March 25, 2010


Makati was hit with a 6.0magnitude earthquake at around 1300H.
I was looking intently on my water bottle and was able to capture a video of it 'swaying',
didn't have the time to get a proper focus(?) though.

Check the video somewhere 2sec and 11sec where it swayed the most:

This is my very first video upload. Taken with N82.

Must Run!

Then at night time I decided to run.
I missed 1 or 2 weeks of practice and my input (food intake) is more than usual due to birthday celebrations at the office :P

I recently acquired a very affordable HRM (heart rate monitor) - the Omron HR-100C.
Some reviews on the Net here, here and here confirming how good and effective it is for its price. No bells and whistles here - just full functionality.

Here again is my graph on NST

And some numbers using the reading on my HRM, resting and max heart rates.
I shall learn more about this Heart Rate Zone Calculator.
I'm still wishing for a bluetooth HRM so I can (hopefully) pair it with my N82's NST.

Cool Down...

Cooling down I snapped some shots at the plaza...

Ongoing basketball league


Where are the customers?

There's more to shoot but I decided to stop or I might end up being mugged :D

March 24, 2010

Wednesday Morning at 5 o'clock...

Oops, no - it's not really 5 o'clock ;-)

My wife and I usually commute to work from 0602H to 0710H. We take the 'Ayala School Bus' from the National Road to Ayala Avenue and walk our way to our respective offices. This Ayala School Bus charges provincial fare and its really very economical - 'matipid'! P37/pax is the fare.

Going back home, we take the bus from E.D.S.A. and pay the regular fare of Php44/pax.

SkyWay Stage 2's construction is ongoing and the contract is with D.M.C.I. and I think they are doing a great job. I usually sleep or just close my eyes when commuting so I don't get to see the progress everyday.

T0day we brought the car and drove to work and took some pictures on the S.L.E.X. courtesy of Nokia N82 once again.

Reminds me of the upcoming Holy Week.

Very neat.
Some part almost done.
and finally, just the morning smog :P

March 22, 2010

Moving Up

Last Friday was my eldest son's graduation from Primary School.
Here are some pics taken with the discontinued Panasonic Lumix G1 (microfourthirds)
inside St. Benedict Chapel:

I have to get my hands on the 20/1.7 and a flash :D

March 21, 2010

Roadtrip, Map and Photos

We had our teambuilding session yesterday. Brought my N82 and Sony T500.
Ended up shooting 140 shots on my N82 and shooting video on my T500.
I'm good with the combo :)

I just have to decide if I should bring the Panasonic G1
and/or Sony A700 on an upcoming overseas trip.

Here's some shots summarizing our road trip yesterday using Geo-tagging on my N82.
Using flickr map, I loaded 5 geo-tagged photos:

Started from Muntinlupa (photo from last weekend)
Then met some colleagues at McDonald's in Alabang Town Center
Some delicacies from McCafe
Then proceeded to Makati then MMLDC where the planning is going to be held.
Here's a sample from geo-tagged photo loaded on ACME mapper:

Going for lunch
My lunch
Then proceeded to King Bee for dinner

March 18, 2010

Mr Bean's Car meets the Foldabots!

That's the Krispy Kreme's Mini Car cutout

(another set brought to you by N82)

given away with a

March 17, 2010

Online Planetarium and Old School Games

Yesterday I stumbled on an online planetarium which is really really cool!
And today I found out some old school video arcade games on the same site:
Asteroids|Frogger|Tetris N-Blox
Pac-Man|Snake|Space Invaders
and then some.
Ladies and Gentlemen, here's Pac-Man :D

Head on to this wonderful site by Paul Neave \m/

March 15, 2010

N82 Photos!

Went to plaza w/ the two boys last Saturday. It was a good time to 'test' the N82.
The usual flower.

First time I saw a 'fair' at the plaza.
Some electronic betting game where you put a Php2 bet on a number or letter then the operator spins the arrow which makes contact on the corresponding number/letter.
If it stops on your bet, you get the price on that number/letter.

Just toss your coins and see if it lands on a square. If it stays clear of the borders, you get a prize.


Then at night time, I got to try the A/V connector - N82 to TV.
Cool huh?!

Next day I bought a Sony battery for the T500.
It was from a gray market and the price was half the 'dealer price'.

It looks like an original so I have to assume it is :p

There's even a hologram.

and finally, the boys are hooked on FoldaBots :D
Eat your heart out Sony, check this skin tone! :P

Xenon flash doing very well with product shots :D

Current Moon Phase