March 07, 2010

Busy Weekend

Geo-Tagged Photos
Last Friday I switched on the Record Location switch on my N82
and noticed two new buttons when viewing the EXIF on IrfanView:

1. Show in Google Earth
2. Show in GeoHack-Wiki

Here's a sample pair
(notice the black 'earmark' at the top right corner of the photo?)

Learned about flickr's map feature today for geo-tagging.
More on this next week.

Getting Ready for Tomorrow's Run
The most generous pins on bibs so far :D
Timing Chip on my running shoes, the N82 does well with the Xenon flash here:


The 10K run was good.
I switched on the Live feed but when I checked the NST site, my run wasn't there. Oh well.

Anyway, here's the summary of today's run:
Making my way to the starting line
and a shot seconds before I cross the finish line.
Is that really 1:28?! Dang :D

We stayed at the Wellness Village to check the freebies and celebrities:
There was this guy
and these guys, our sports celebrities :)
on the way home we saw a bug
and still got some energy to attend a party
N82 really doing very well w/ macro shots, love the colors here - no blooming reds!:

When we got home, the N82 still has 85% battery full!

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