March 05, 2010

Early morning blessing.

It's raining as of writing, wuhoo!
(or they just start seeding again? O_o)
Anyway, it still a good thing.
The drought is becoming worst and animals are starting to die somewhere up north =(

Ran last night and I think I'm getting slower, haha!
From 8.16km/h to 7.62km/h. Drat.
I forgot to switch the Auto Lap, toink!
And I tried some roads in the subdivision :)

Last night I tried the online GPS tracking courtesy of
And to try it I had to connect to Globe's Internet service and found out later that night how much they charge.
It's Php5/15min. It's block of 15min regardless if you connect/disconnect within.
Not bad for 'must connect' situations =)
Pretty cool.
I will try this on Sunday's 10K run
while some people watch my progress over the Internet.

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