March 28, 2010

Palm Sunday, Going North and Ovi Maps

Today is Palm Sunday and here's a shot of the blessing of palms at St. Peregrine Church

Going North

We made a trip to Bulacan today and I switched on my NST. I then realized that the uploading of service from N82 to NST will pull and post the photos I took while I was tracked via GPS.
We took different route to and fro and going back home was faster (we even took a detour to get our free 5R photo from Picture Company at ATC).

NST showing more info on the columns.

Going to Bulacan, I took some photos on the road.
We took SLEX > Taft Ave > McArthur Highway

Going back home, we took McArthur Highway > EDSA > SLEX.
EDSA is 'faster' than Taft Avenue where the latter is PLAGUED with stop lights :D

The shots I took on the road

The national election is fast approaching.
Let's pray for the Philippines.

It's been a long time since I last traveled along this side of Taft Ave...

Campaign Materials

Blind shot of the railtracks || 'Talipapa'

Tricycles and a Balloon Vendor || Monumento

Sto Nino on a Jeepney || Destination

Nokia [Ovi Maps] Endorsed Locally
by Ruffa Gutierrez

Ovi Maps was recently made free officially by Nokia.
Together with the Nokia Sports Tracker, it's an unbeatable pair of features from Nokia.

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