March 15, 2010

N82 Photos!

Went to plaza w/ the two boys last Saturday. It was a good time to 'test' the N82.
The usual flower.

First time I saw a 'fair' at the plaza.
Some electronic betting game where you put a Php2 bet on a number or letter then the operator spins the arrow which makes contact on the corresponding number/letter.
If it stops on your bet, you get the price on that number/letter.

Just toss your coins and see if it lands on a square. If it stays clear of the borders, you get a prize.


Then at night time, I got to try the A/V connector - N82 to TV.
Cool huh?!

Next day I bought a Sony battery for the T500.
It was from a gray market and the price was half the 'dealer price'.

It looks like an original so I have to assume it is :p

There's even a hologram.

and finally, the boys are hooked on FoldaBots :D
Eat your heart out Sony, check this skin tone! :P

Xenon flash doing very well with product shots :D

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