March 04, 2010


Just learned today the meaning of PUK - Personal Unblocking Key.
And more from yugatech: How to unlock PUK code.
Just the other day, my wife's SIM card was blocked :P
and since I've lost the certificate already
(the # being 2x older than our eldest son :D)
and my colleague mention that I can ask Globe to 'transfer' the number to another SIM card -
I decided to visit the nearest Globe Care Centre.

And so I told the Globe personnel what happened and
she processed my number right away.
Just before I finish a chess game on my N82,
she handed over to me a new SIM pack! Cool!
And she noticed I was waiting and I asked her how much is my bill.
Then she told me it was FREE!
Dang! Awesome!

I just thought it was worth blogging \m/

Shot with N82.

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