March 21, 2010

Roadtrip, Map and Photos

We had our teambuilding session yesterday. Brought my N82 and Sony T500.
Ended up shooting 140 shots on my N82 and shooting video on my T500.
I'm good with the combo :)

I just have to decide if I should bring the Panasonic G1
and/or Sony A700 on an upcoming overseas trip.

Here's some shots summarizing our road trip yesterday using Geo-tagging on my N82.
Using flickr map, I loaded 5 geo-tagged photos:

Started from Muntinlupa (photo from last weekend)
Then met some colleagues at McDonald's in Alabang Town Center
Some delicacies from McCafe
Then proceeded to Makati then MMLDC where the planning is going to be held.
Here's a sample from geo-tagged photo loaded on ACME mapper:

Going for lunch
My lunch
Then proceeded to King Bee for dinner

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