March 24, 2010

Wednesday Morning at 5 o'clock...

Oops, no - it's not really 5 o'clock ;-)

My wife and I usually commute to work from 0602H to 0710H. We take the 'Ayala School Bus' from the National Road to Ayala Avenue and walk our way to our respective offices. This Ayala School Bus charges provincial fare and its really very economical - 'matipid'! P37/pax is the fare.

Going back home, we take the bus from E.D.S.A. and pay the regular fare of Php44/pax.

SkyWay Stage 2's construction is ongoing and the contract is with D.M.C.I. and I think they are doing a great job. I usually sleep or just close my eyes when commuting so I don't get to see the progress everyday.

T0day we brought the car and drove to work and took some pictures on the S.L.E.X. courtesy of Nokia N82 once again.

Reminds me of the upcoming Holy Week.

Very neat.
Some part almost done.
and finally, just the morning smog :P

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