April 19, 2010

Apple and Nokia!
Okay as promised here are the two gifts I got for my N82.

Extra Keys
The Uber Cool Apple Wireless Keyboard via BlueTooth

It was love at first sight for me when I saw this piece of computer accessory some years ago. My friends know I'm not a fan of Apple|iPod (yes there's a site called www.anythingbutipod.com) but this keyboard really got me at first meet. It's so small and sleek and sexy! I can't believe I'll be buying one and so it is now officially my first Apple product :D

The existence of Nokia's SU-8W Wireless Keyboard got me thinking of getting a wireless keyboard but it's kinda hard to find locally. I liked the idea of using a WL KB with my N82 and after some googling found out that some N82 users have successfully paired it with an Apple WL KB!

So I looked for one and the rest as they say is history. Got it for a decent price and so far I am very impressed|happy with it. When connected with the AWLKB, the N82 serves like a very small PC and it goes to show how it fits the computer-cellphone Swiss Knife title. I can now chat via Slick, type SMS/mails and google stuff conveniently. I can even plug my N82's display on the TV for bigger screen when needed.

The Nokia Wireless Keyboard SU-8W Support Software
is a prerequisite before the AWLKB can be used and paired w/ the N82.

Every N82 users should get one.

Extra Power

After the 'incident' last Saturday, me running (actually hiking!) with a dead N82 - I decided to get an extra battery for my N82 and it's my second gift for it. Just got it today actually. I was looking at the Nokia DC-11 Extra Power Charger but again it's hard to find. N82's batt is Nokia BP-6MT and it costs half of the DC-11 and would be easier to run around with. At the start of a race, I'll just put one newly charged 6MT in my N82 and it will be just like Tony Stark with his nuclear powered heart :D Iron Man 2 showing end of this month :P

Forward Delete

Before I got the AWLKB, I got a USB BT adapter 'cause I intended to use the AWLKB with my desktop computer in the office. The AWLKB is very easy to type on and I wanted to optimize my expense.

I was able to get it working this morning... only to find out that the AWLKB can't do 3 things (amongst other things?) we [IBM] PC|Windows users are used to:

  1. Forward Delete
  2. Home
  3. End
The last two I can live with but #1 - I just can't stand it. I can't even lock my workstation!

Google to the rescue and got what I needed from the UAWKS site. Before I left the office, I was already able to lock my workstation \m/

Some screen cap with the help of N82 :P

and trying to show how the forward delete works. Cursor behind letter 'b'
then pressing fn+delete
so for locking my computer, I need to press CTRL+Alt+[Fn+Del].

Pretty cool really... only I'm afraid I'll get tired bringing it with me back and forth the office and home and I'll end up getting another one O_o. Haha!

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