April 26, 2010


Nokia N900 has landed on the Philippines, ain't that a beauty?!

courtesy of Nokia PH

I really want one but the camera is not as good as N82's :P

Unlocked versions are available for USD516.54 @ amazon.

And here's one very cool accessory:
Nokia Armor by Boxwave Co. for USD27.95 @ amazon
courtesy of Amazon

Wish I'll win one from some raffle draws :D

Anyway back to my N82...

Apparently this would be my 4th gift for 'it' :D A belt pouch which is actually for SE P990.

BTW, heads-up for some people out there. There's a Nokia 'Warehouse Sale' at Glorietta.
I saw some N82's going for P9,900! Hurry before supplies run out! :D

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