April 23, 2010

Going Waterproof

Spent a lot of time googling again due to an upcoming swimming trip. Been looking intently at Sony TX5 and Panasonic TS2 but in the end, my budget won :D

We don't get to go swimming much in a year so I told myself to settle for a water pack for the N82 or T500 and here's what I got (thanks Jam!) from SPF at Glorietta:

It even got a headphone out extension, something I don't think I'll use O_o

For Amazon [and/or iPod] shoppers you can check
Hope to get good snaps tomorrow :)


For a change, I decided to have a Big Breakfast at McDo.

and remember BigBreakfast.SG? :D

PH won me on the egg and beef(?) patty, the rest goes to SG specially the quality of the coffee. The meal is enough for me and the hashbrown makes it just too much for my tummy :P

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