April 28, 2010

McDonald's, Nokia and Sony's NEX

Had another Big Breakfast yesterday at the other McDonald's store and they gave me this:
I asked for another one but the store manager told me it costs Php10 :P Forgot I was in Philippines :D I now wonder if all branches would give 1 for every McMuffin breakfast meal O_o

The Nokia Warehouse Sale is still on. There's one N82 waiting for a new owner. For Php9,999 - it's already a steal! It's just that 'touch' is in, I wonder if it will ever be sold :P

My future phone???
Check out the samples photos taken with the N8 at Nokia Conversations and you'll know why I'll keep my eye on this phone :P

courtesy of Nokia Conversations

Check out N8's official site

It will be available in the third quarter this year for only around €370.
Wuhoo??!! :D

Sony NEX3

Some pics of Sony's mirrorless camera have leaked over at sonyalpharumours:
and while the dxyum dudes are still analyzing the paparazzi shots, I am actively looking for the Panasonic Lumix G 20mm/f1.7 locally.
I wonder if there's a conspiracy between Samsung and Sony on this arena.
Samsung's mount is called NX while Sony is NEX O_o
Exciting times!

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