April 14, 2010

Versus in Running

1.Running Drink: Pocari vs 100plus

100plus is carbonated so it gives you that refreshing but 'bloated in the tummy' feeling. I will never drink this during a run day. For 'rehydration' during hot days though, it's very welcome.

Pocari Sweat is very smooth and it's still my official running drink :P
I wonder when will H2O hit the Philippine market.
I used to drink H2O and 100plus couples of years back in SG.

2. Barefoot Running
: Nike vs Vibram

I just saw Nike's latest running shoes - the Nike Free Run+. It's so light! I wanted to try them on but... nevermind :D I believe this is Nike's latest offering for the closest thing to barefoot running.
Here's a review from runwitme blog.

I wonder if these make the LunarGlideElite outdated? (images courtesy of Nike.com)

Vibram Five Fingers
I had an encounter with the VFF in SG and took a snap.
I think it should read Vibram Five Toes??? :D
They really looked ugly so I never tried them on :P

and an OT post from my other hobby...
Saw this in SBMA last weekend, Kirkland has landed in the Philippines :P
Competition should be great for the consumers, let's hope for better days.

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