April 21, 2010

Using the AWKLB in the office is a joy, it's easier to type and my table seems so clean and uncluttered. So I got the itch to continue 'uncluttering' my table and so I got myself a wireless mouse. I would have gotten Apple's Magic Mouse but it's just too expensive (same price with AWLKB).

The more common brands available at the local shops are A4Tech and Logitech. The A4Tech offers more features than the Logitech. Logitech looks more rugged and will last longer but commands a higher price which I don't want to spend on for a mouse. The first one that got my attention is A4Tech's BT-630 (BlueTooth) which looks something like the G7-630 (with receiver) but noticed a smaller and cheaper one which is the G7-200.

I am using it right now and while it's light, very smooth and responsive, I think it might just be too small for my hand. I'll wait and see if I have to 'upgrade' to a bigger one like the BT-630 :P

One of the A4Tech's feature is the 'No any Lag' which until now I can't just comprehend. Maybe it's an inside joke or something... A4Tech please let me know what exactly does it mean :D Here's a screen cap from their website:

No any Lag?!

Anyway, took some mugshots last night:
A4Tech meets the Apple

But where's the USB Nano Receiver?!
Here, let me show you:

Pretty clever me thinks

Sizzling Batteries
I charged my very old AAA GP batteries last night and used it today on the mouse. A few seconds later, I heard something and noticed something was sizzling and smelled some burning wires!!! Found out it was coming from the mouse, hurriedly took out the batts while uttering expletives :D I thought I fried it. Fried mouse anyone?

I then tried another set of batteries and the mouse was okay. I'm just so glad that it was just the battery that got fried [whew!].

For rechargeable batteries I suggest you start using the hybrid ones (ready to use from the shelves).

And one last thing. This new editor from blogger (with the Amazon Associates on the right side during editing sucks :P) It took me more time to set up this blog, argh! Took me some time to align all the pics and I can't put them side by side anymor. Oh well. Learning curve :P

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