April 08, 2010

Yesterday's food and Playing with the NST

Yesterday's lunch was courtesy of Tito Bobby and Tita Betchay, xie xie ni!
The Chicken Rice Shop is located at Vivo City.

My nth chicken rice! :D || Chicken container.

Green mango || Chilli!!!

While dinner was courtesy of Jekman, xie xie ni!
I had duck rice for a change || Wanton soup for everyone

Yummy Kway Teow || and more chilli!!! :D

Coby had his fave roasted chicken noodles
while Enji had Char Siew Rice. They really loved the food.

Playing w/ the NST

Some 2hrs during the flight to SG last Saturday,
I switched on my NST and found some very interesting numbers.

Our average speed was 869km/sec :D

After landing at Changi Airport

and checking the altitude in
SG's highest tower.

I logged around 240 shots on my N82 during those 5day vacation
and that's already with my Panasonic G1 and Sony T500 :P

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