May 05, 2010


I've updated my theme once again and settled for Ultra 1, an Editor's Choice theme at SymbianThemesUs. I should be able to save some juice on my battery with this theme :P

After giving it another try, I decided to remove ebuddy and reinstalled an updated version of Slick by LonelyCatGames. It looks better now with my current theme.

I've also decided to replace FolderPlay. It's just too irritating to use from scratch - you have to point it again on the music folder and it doesn't actually remember which song was played last.

Today I am trying PowerMP3 and so far I'm liking it

and here's a screen shot of Dong Abay's Flipino (don't leave home without it :D)

the EQ is not working in the current version but it should be a nice feature. I'll be waiting :)

and one last note, the election is fast approaching and there are just some things going very "weird".
Have to be vigilant.
Let's pray for our country.

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