May 31, 2010

Whew, what a week!
15K last Sunday, practiced badminton on Wednesday, company badminton on Friday and inter-company badminton on Saturday. Good thing I got myself a knee support that looks exactly like this one from Amazon only its cheaper here in PH: I'm really hooked with badminton and can feel it's effect on my knees! I think its more on the ligaments(?) above my knee caps. (Google'd and I think it's a case of Quadricep Tendonitis)
The knee supports on both knees are my lifesavers and they helped me continue playing day after the other.
I'm also eying a backup racket: It's a Victor Artery Tex Ti-98 and it's a value for money compared to a Yonex counterpart. My current racket was given by my close friend, a Nanospeed 7000. I just thought I might need a spare racket one of these days :P

and here's a pic from Universal Studios, Singapore taken last April
with the Panasonic G1|14-45 combo

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