July 24, 2010

Giant Killer Orthodynamics

Been very busy lately specially with my portable audio stuff. Was hanging out at head-fi.org and I was on the hunt for a closed cans equivalent of the AKG K501. I recently sold my K701 having preferred the mid-range presentation of the K501. The K501 is already very hard to find and I was just fortunate to get my hands on my pair.
The 'issue' I have right now with K501 is that it's a semi-open type headphone and there is sound leaking from it when I'm listening loud - I mostly use them in the office. So I thought of getting a closed type pair. I already have a wonderful pair of IEMs and an open back so the closed-type will complete my 'collection'. After days of googling and reading I stumbled on the orthodynamics posts. I can't afford the likes of Audez'e Planar Magnetic headphones (almost 4digits). There's a more affordable version at half the price but it's still too steep for me: the HiFiMan HE-5LE but it's at its best with the APureSound cable upgrade and the cost just went up higher (total USD650 I believe).
Both planar headphones by the way are open back (whew! :P). Fortunately, there's the (closed-type!) Fostex T50RP that sells for 'only' USD74(can you believe that?!). No brainer here so I pulled the trigger. From what I gathered, the T50RP is already good straight from the box and it has great potential with modifications and tweaks so I'm solved. I hope it has better mid-range than the K501. Head-fiers swear by the mid-range of orthodynamic drivers and I'm very much looking forward to it.
Exciting times ahead.

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