September 08, 2010

Fischer Audio Master Series DBA-02

(my notes as posted on and
Okay, got my pair now and the sound is very very promising despite the well known out-of-the-box-sibilant-sound and I must say it's not that very offensive sibilance type, it's like a ribbon type tweeter sibilance - it's like there are more brass than usual. Not sure if I'm making sense here.

Anyway, the bass and midrange and soundstage I already like \m/ Wishing more from the bass department though. The mids is kinda grainy.
Darn earbuds have no L/R markings :p I'll do something about that later.
For now, let the burning-in begin... my ears are getting crazy.
Source: Sansa Fuze

I will concentrate on two tracks first before and after burn-in: AIC MTV Unplugged Brother and Metallica's Struggle Within.

with the UE SF5(v2)


After 1hr of pink noise via FM, the treble has already wised up... the different sounds at each shake of the metal shaker in Brother is already very discernible. Still on the sibilant side. I'm not changing tips until it has fully burned in.

The midrange wised-up as well after 1hr. Still splashy scraper sibilant after ~2hrs though :P
I'm still hoping the highs will wise up.
I am currently rejoicing - I can insert them on my ear like they were custom made for me :D :D :D I am using the stock tips btw.
Unbelievable, Glen Frey's (Eagles: Hell Freezes Over) voice is sibilant even with letter T's :P

Custom fit! :D
more notes:
The mids after ~6hrs: It has very good presentation/separation (lead and background/backup) with male vocals (The Doors - Riders on the Storm) but not so good with female vocals (Jane Siberry - It Can't Rain All The Time). UEsf5(v2) to me is better in this regard.

General: It sounds livelier (more treble energy i.e.) directly compared to my tweaked T50RP and the DBA-02 really sounds big like wearing a headphone. Soundstage seems to project outside the IEMs and my head - I like! Attack of the Bass is there when needed (Carmina Burana - O Fortuna) and very dynamic (Gustav Holst, Levine - Mars, The Bringer of War) - I have to be careful on the volume though or my ears will bleed at the sudden Attack of the Highs. It does classical music very well \m/

I think I will tune T50RP's bass w/ the help of the DBA-02s.


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