December 17, 2010


I'm pretty much impressed with the FroYo (Frozen Yogurt or Android 2.2) on the Archos 70 Internet Tablet.
It is really working like a small PC... and got me thinking... I want to replace the OS on my eeePC701 with the Android! The eeePC701 comes with 4GB solid state HD memory, 512MB RAM and Xandros OS. I have upgraded the RAM to 2GB already and it would really be interesting how would Android run on it with the Celeron 900MHz CPU. I'm not a techie person so I will stop here :D
The eeePC was bought just 2 years ago and it's getting much love anymore. I can use some apps here and there but not as useful or playable like the Android. An Android with a mouse... really something very interesting :D
More on Android at wikipedia. Android is now on its 2.3 version which is called GingerBread.

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