April 12, 2011

Look Ma! No Mirror!

Just wanted to post my 'stab' on DPP Issue #38's 'Opinion Selection'

The topic which is even a 'misnomer':
'Mirrorless' DSLRs: The future of photography?

Mirrorless interchangeable lens digital cameras have their own advantages and disadvantages and they are not perfect - as no system/format is perfect for everyone.

However, with no mirror and lesser parts compared to the reflex camera - the mirrorless camera has become lighter and smaller - giving way to more compact lenses without compromising image quality.
It can be implemented virtually with any sensor size. Leica's M9 is the first mirrorless camera with a full frame sensor. Sony, Fuji and Samsung chose the APS-C size while Olympus and Panasonic retained the Four Thirds sensor with their Micro Four Thirds system.
It is backward compatible with legacy lenses with the proper mount adapter. Photographers are now able to use and enjoy - once again - their favorite [old] lenses on a digital body.
Lastly, mirrorless cameras are leading the way to stills|video convergence. Panasonic has led the revolution with their GH1 with Sony following suit with their NEX system.

Mirrorless interchangeable lens digital cameras are not the future of photography but they are the wave of the future.

Abangan :D

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