April 09, 2011

The Mini Pancake

Went out today to NickWorld at The Fort with the kids and
I equipped myself with the GH1 and 14mm mini pancake :D

This girl was at my arm's length on a queue to Goody Gulp. I have to accustom myself to the 14mm's AOV (angle of view) and coverage - that's equivalent to 28mm view in 135mm film frame format.

Trying a stealth shot. I'm disappointed, can't believe I miss that top :D
After a few shots, I'm liking the AOV already --- this lens is sharp!

Just look at those eyes.
Wide open ~well both the lens and the cat's :D
It's Nat Geo's run tomorrow.
It was getting dark, love that yellow.

And look at that blur! ~I mean the donut :D
Shot at MFD (minimum focusing distance) @ 25cm

'Head shot' w/ the articulating LCD \m/ Lovin' the colors

Again, I really like that color tone.

and my kid enjoying the view inside KK.
Just thought of converting this blurry shot into grayscale :D

It's a great complement to the 20mm (40mm AOV).
It's sharp and wide enough.
And it's light and TINY!
Definitely a keeper.

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