April 07, 2011

Pain in the Drain

After 3 nights of pumping and declogging,
I managed to removed that %$#@! stubborn clog in the sink drain.

I toned my arms and chest in the process :D

And I just wanted to commend on the two virtually indestructible plungers I bought from Ace Hardware as can be seen here (photos from N82):
on the left is the RubberMaid plunger
and on the right is the German plunger

They are both money well spent

The German plunger (can't find info on the Net)

and I have to mention this hole on the German plunger...
Plug it with your skin/finger and it wil improve the suction power!
I think it helped a lot and I only learned about it on the 3rd day :P

It pains me to use 1li of Liquid Sosa during the unclogging process but still it did not melt the stubborn clog.

I will now go back to the white vinegar and baking powder solution.
Must do it regularly to avoid the clog build-up again.

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