May 28, 2011

Stealth Mode

Took a trip to Cebu early this month.

It was 'too darn hot' that day when we visited Carbon Market hoping to get some good bargain on souvenir stuff.

The kids cooperatively walked along even though we were sweating a lot underneath the blazing sun :D
(We made sure they were properly hydrated during and after the market visit)

Some shots I took 'from the hip' with the GH1 and 20/1.7.

The "problem" with fast aperture lenses is when they are used on broad daylight,
I had to stop them down to f6 to avoid over exposure. ISO already at 100, lowest setting.
I then lose the isolation effect of the fast aperture.


This alamang (small fish/krill) caught my eye, too colorful for my taste :D
GH1 admirably reproduced the tone faithfully.
Brought up some detail on the dark parts w/ Irfanview ;)

Little Boy

Little boy killing time watching market activities.
Picture straight from the cam.

Inside the market, I had to adjust the ISO up to 400 and set the aperture back to 1.7.

Drinking Water for Sale

That (blue/green) drinking water dispensing/vending machine is I think unique to Cebu and I said to myself I have to get a shot of that machine as souvenir.
It's a 5gallon (blue plastic) water container in cool green enclosure that accepts coins.
You get a plastic/celophane, put a coin and it will dispense the drinking water.
I never got to try it though - preferred water bottles :P

I took this one in front of an 'internet cafe'.

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