June 28, 2011

Dynamic Trio

Recently I got to know Sony's Dynamic Trio over at head-fi.
MDR-800ST (Asia)
also known as 7550 in US

The MDR-7550 is available in Amazon for $299.95
Upgradititis has plagued me once more and I am very curious what's the difference between dynamic drivers compared to BA drivers (I currently own the Fisher Audio DBA-02 which uses BA drivers).

A pair of MDR-7550 is incoming and hope to get my hands on them in 2 weeks time.

June 02, 2011

^Hope's Up^

Over at 43rumors, [FT4] Olympus might be using an a new sensor for the EP3. It's about time! I have so much respect for Zuiko lenses but never got tempted with the 43rds system because of the 'poor' performance of their sensor. Now, if this new sensor overtakes what the Panasonic sensor can do --- it will be a new ballgame.

This is the best time to step back and wait for the announcements. For now, I will hold off getting the Panasonic 14-140.

I'll park my hard earned money for now :)

X-Men: First Class

is a First Class movie!
Go and watch it :)

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