May 29, 2012


Been googling around for a decent adapter for my scope, i.e. 2" to T-mount, and found this site:

Telescope Camera Adapters
First time I saw this sort of one-piece adapter from cam to scope \m/
Will be back when I'm ready to get what I need.

BTW, I just created my FB account :P
Additional traffic when selling stuff :D

May 27, 2012


Finally tried a lot of setup combination with my photo and astro stuff today that's been going through my mind for the longest time.

Did some test shots today with my scopes and Alpha and M43 mounts.
Test shots posted in flickr and "summarized" them with the image at the bottom.
Using the GH1 w/ AR102 OTA looks very promising and digiscoping with the GH1 and 20/1.7 is also another alternative - need to learn more about digiscoping.
Bottom line - more adapters in my wish list :D

The GH1 w/ 20/1.7 even works with the Bushnell 8x42 - an emergency tele setup ;)
Please click here for the flickr images


Finally got to try my Baader Filters

May 19, 2012

Current Moon Phase