August 31, 2012

Take Two
Turns out the jacks that I bought the other day were MONO

August 29, 2012


August 16, 2012

"Trial" System

Once again I am almost stepping into a three system setup.

1. [Konica]Minolta/Sony A-mount

2. Panasonic|Olympus MicroFourThirds

?3. Pentax K-mount?

Bought the O-GPS1 some time ago and I have yet to get a K-r.
Thinking of getting 1 this month but I really have to do an inventory on my precious lenses and see which ones I can finally let go to cover the expense.

Meanwhile, a good read on RiceHigh's Pentax Blog


August 02, 2012

Straight to the Point

This is how I usually do my DIY projects, ugly but working :D

Current Moon Phase