June 29, 2014

The Stealth Single Speeder

(a new addition to my blog about my biking :p)

I love this new bike. It's like driving an automatic car, just tune your gear and keep pedalling.


Quads Guide
When I feel my quads are not really working, I turn the shifter down just a little bit - just like thinking "One more tooth please?" - then I pedal on that point. Downhill or uphill, its a breeze to put the gear on the right spot.

  Downhill Pedalling
Something I really haven't done since I bought my BMX eons ago. Bought a fixie and I still can't pedal downhill, it's more of pedalling backward and working my negative pedalling muscles. Bought a single speed and really, no way to pedal even on flat roads with my buddies. But with the Nuvinci, I can now pedal my way downhill! Really loved the rush.

(entering the downhill, uphill on the other end)

  From Min to Max
There's a J-shaped segment at Everest hills and just before going down, I turned the shifter all the way down (DOWNhill) and pedalled. Just right at the lowest point (still a bit of confusion) I turned the shifter all the way up (UPhill) and let the acceleration die a bit and pedalled even my quads are not really working much anymore. I felt like a Spoiled Single Speeder at that point. It's really that simple and easy riding with a CVPgear.

Well, that's it for now and I can't wait to try this bike on the trail soon!

June 17, 2014

ms peggy shy
m.zuiko 45/1.8 w/ led light

Current Moon Phase