March 29, 2011

Not another body and lens

Last night I realized that I still have my KM7D
^image borrowed from Luminous Landscape^

and thought that I'll just get a wide angle lens for it. My only issue with KM bodies is the AF. How in the world they let the AF performance degrade from Minolta Dynax/Maxxum (film) 7 AF to KM7D?!
Anyway, with an UWA (ultra wide angle) lens - AF performance will not matter much.
I was then very surprised to see that Tokina 11-16/2.8 is already available in the A-mount!
It's available in Amazon for USD599
- cheaper by USD100 than the Sigma 8-16
But in this case, I will not think twice of getting the Tokina :)

The Tokina 11-16 sort of dumped my 'want' of the Panasonic GF2/14mm...
unless I see a good deal on the GH1 that I've been hunting for since last year :D
It's currently available in Amazon for USD399.95

Really tempting... I just hope I can get a good deal on a used one locally.

March 28, 2011

Sell and Buy

Just recently sold two of my desktop audio gear and now I'm GAS'ing on another set of photo gear that I can use with wedding shoot.
I definitely need a wider lens.

The Candidates:

Olympus XZ-1 : best feature is the 28/1.8 widest coverage and zoom
available in Amazon for USD499

Panasonic LX-5 : best feature is the 24mm/2 widest coverage and video
available in Amazon for USD395.95

Panasonic GF-2 w/ 14/2.5 : best feature is the interchangeable lens and video
this combo available in Amazon for USD699

Will keep this blog posted :D :D :D

March 20, 2011

Nonito the Photographer

Was very fortunate today to meet Nonito Donaire - 3 division world boxing champion.
Thanks so much Lally the Lightshaper for the opportunity!!!
(Where's my Pacquiao photo? :D)

We met him at Lally's studio
where he showed us his ringside boxing shots
and I must say the shots are impressive!
His timing are so precise and I think he can already retire
and just shoot photos for a magazine ;D
Goes to show how good he is in boxing!

Here's a shot of Nonito with Chris - another fellow photographer at Lightshapers.
Nonito is a very passionate photographer and he really is very good [thumbs up!]
Nonito in action at the studio

March 07, 2011

Bad Taste!

IMHO, Globe's ad for an upcoming run is in bad taste - you can better than that Globe!
link to ad: Run for Home 2011
Geez, what were they thinking?!?!?!
What do you think?

March 03, 2011

Current Moon Phase