April 30, 2011

Bits and Pieces per Second

My GH13 (hacked Panasonic Lumix GH1 Micro Four Thirds camera w/ video) clamored when I was recording in Full HD (Full High-Def) of video. Worst, i get corrupted clips from time to time. Good thing I was able to copy the corrupted files with jfilerecovery \m/

"Motion recording was cancelled due to the limitation of the writing speed of the card".
That was the nasty error I was getting. Apparently, I was only using a class 4 SDHC which offers 4Mbps writing speed. Too slow for Full HD which peaks at 28Mbps.

Solution: Get a faster SDHC - class 10 at the least:

SanDisk Extreme Class 10 SDHC for HD Video

$59 at amazon

It costs me ~USD76 locally but it was worth it --- no more short clips and corrupted files and it's worth 4H of Full HD! \m/
It now officially replaces my Panasonic NV-DA1 :P

April 23, 2011

Takumar 3.5/135 Preset

I'm letting go of this wonderful and rare lens
Hope it finds a good home :)

April 18, 2011


Okay, here are initial test shots from the Oly SuperZoom
Testing it on the G1 first - I'm leaving the best for last :D
All STFC (straight from the cam) unless stated
Outdoor early morning:


not bad - not bad at all

inside the Food Park:

look at that blur - pretty impressive for a superzoom!

Looking outside
(tweaked to remove the glare from the glass window)


(tweaked to remove the glare from the glass window)

checking the MFD on both ends
14mm MFD (0.5m)

and 150mm MFD (0.5m)
What a superzoom!!! I'm all smile at this point :D

So I just played around with the blur

and some test shots with my favorite office toy
background blur

foreground blur

I'm very impressed already and can't wait to test it further outside \m/

April 17, 2011


My cousin sent me an SMS --- they have landed already \m/
'They' = my cousin and some lenses :D

My lens: The Olympus M.Zuiko 14-150/4-5.6 ED
image linked to Amazon
It is now available for USD509.99 (original USD599) due to Electronics Expo promo!
Drat! :P

I'm really excited to test this lens, based on review samples the bokeh looks really good.
And the ED (extra-low dispersion glasses)...
can't wait to try it at 150mm!

Thanks Cuz! :)

April 16, 2011


One reason why I'm liking the 14mm (~28mm FOV [field of view]),
the MFD (minimum focusing distance) and the FOV:

April 12, 2011

Look Ma! No Mirror!

Just wanted to post my 'stab' on DPP Issue #38's 'Opinion Selection'

The topic which is even a 'misnomer':
'Mirrorless' DSLRs: The future of photography?

Mirrorless interchangeable lens digital cameras have their own advantages and disadvantages and they are not perfect - as no system/format is perfect for everyone.

However, with no mirror and lesser parts compared to the reflex camera - the mirrorless camera has become lighter and smaller - giving way to more compact lenses without compromising image quality.
It can be implemented virtually with any sensor size. Leica's M9 is the first mirrorless camera with a full frame sensor. Sony, Fuji and Samsung chose the APS-C size while Olympus and Panasonic retained the Four Thirds sensor with their Micro Four Thirds system.
It is backward compatible with legacy lenses with the proper mount adapter. Photographers are now able to use and enjoy - once again - their favorite [old] lenses on a digital body.
Lastly, mirrorless cameras are leading the way to stills|video convergence. Panasonic has led the revolution with their GH1 with Sony following suit with their NEX system.

Mirrorless interchangeable lens digital cameras are not the future of photography but they are the wave of the future.

Abangan :D

April 09, 2011

The Mini Pancake

Went out today to NickWorld at The Fort with the kids and
I equipped myself with the GH1 and 14mm mini pancake :D

This girl was at my arm's length on a queue to Goody Gulp. I have to accustom myself to the 14mm's AOV (angle of view) and coverage - that's equivalent to 28mm view in 135mm film frame format.

Trying a stealth shot. I'm disappointed, can't believe I miss that top :D
After a few shots, I'm liking the AOV already --- this lens is sharp!

Just look at those eyes.
Wide open ~well both the lens and the cat's :D
It's Nat Geo's run tomorrow.
It was getting dark, love that yellow.

And look at that blur! ~I mean the donut :D
Shot at MFD (minimum focusing distance) @ 25cm

'Head shot' w/ the articulating LCD \m/ Lovin' the colors

Again, I really like that color tone.

and my kid enjoying the view inside KK.
Just thought of converting this blurry shot into grayscale :D

It's a great complement to the 20mm (40mm AOV).
It's sharp and wide enough.
And it's light and TINY!
Definitely a keeper.

April 07, 2011

Pain in the Drain

After 3 nights of pumping and declogging,
I managed to removed that %$#@! stubborn clog in the sink drain.

I toned my arms and chest in the process :D

And I just wanted to commend on the two virtually indestructible plungers I bought from Ace Hardware as can be seen here (photos from N82):
on the left is the RubberMaid plunger
and on the right is the German plunger

They are both money well spent

The German plunger (can't find info on the Net)

and I have to mention this hole on the German plunger...
Plug it with your skin/finger and it wil improve the suction power!
I think it helped a lot and I only learned about it on the 3rd day :P

It pains me to use 1li of Liquid Sosa during the unclogging process but still it did not melt the stubborn clog.

I will now go back to the white vinegar and baking powder solution.
Must do it regularly to avoid the clog build-up again.

April 04, 2011


Michael Reichamanns of Luminous Landscape review of Fujifilm X100

In summary – this is a terrific, even a landmark camera, likely to be an instant classic. In my opinion it is kept from being truly exceptional by some easily fixed user interface issues. Hopefully a firmware update, which could correct all of them, is not too far off.

it will be available for USD1200 -- demet :D

April 03, 2011

Water Fun

The boys planned for a swimming today and I thought I'd document it :D

Shot with GH1 - 5MB animated gif
(please wait to load)
Andre's Pool

April 02, 2011

Photographs and Memories

Went to Powerplant today and visited Fully Booked.
While the kids were reading their stuff, I picked up Bieber's book --- that portrait on the cover looks really very good!

The photographer is Robert Caplin and I wanted to know more about him and his gear :P
The DOF on this shots are so thin and the blur so creamy! And the low light shots really made my day. I'm now a fan :D

Robert's blog
and some info about him in NY Times where he contributes.

I brought the GH1 for break in and took some shots inside the bookstore.
I left the settings at 16:9, so here are some wide shots :P


Star Wars

At the toy shop

And at BreadTalk
Coffee and Bread
Will post some video soon.
I'm thinking of making my own glidecam...

April 01, 2011

And Yet Another Body

This time with Full HD Video capability.
^image borrowed from photographyreview.com PMA2009^

More on DMC-GH1 at Panasonic.
Have to check its features today :)

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