May 05, 2011

2 is expensive

So my refurbished M.Zuiko 14-150 died on my first day of use :P Decided to just ship it out back to the seller - that's one good thing about US sellers - no questions asked. I will get the full refund once they get the unit back with the original packaging.

It's a shame because I was really impressed with the 1-lens solution. In my early years of [film] photography, I started with a Vivitar 28-210. It served me well. I was expecting the same from the Oly 14-150 but it didn't last :D

Anyway, I am looking at replacing it with the Panasonic 14-140 w/ OIS which I deemed very useful on the long end. A light tele setup is useless without a tripod or OIS. I'm also dying to get the 7-14 but it's still very expensive...
hence I am selling my beloved Sony A700/SAL1680 combo to cover for the future expense in acquiring the UWA.

But there's some rumor that Panasonic will be introducing the G3 and 5 new lenses soon...

I might just end up with dual system :P
But well worth it :P

For now - it's a waiting game :)

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