August 29, 2008

Rainy Day
once in a while you find some posts in photography forums
which makes you want to post an honest reply
- but most of the time being honest gives them the wrong impression.
So I'll just post the reply here :D

the post (w/ pic):
No PP (postprocessing), only resized

to which I wanted to reply:
A PP could have been worthwhile

August 28, 2008

I do get lucky from time to time :)

August 19, 2008

The Lunar Eclipse on Sunday early morning at Moon Set
81% Totality @ 0510H

and the Full Moon that night

August 13, 2008

I've never seen a lizard on a tree before :P

turns out he was looking for food!

August 12, 2008

Houseflies can take in only liquid foods.
They spit out saliva on solid foods to predigest it, and then suck it back inside.
They also regurgitate partly digested matter and pass it again to the abdomen.

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