October 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Coby :)

October 11, 2009

Mabuhay Germany

Went to Bonifacio Highstreet today to check what's going on for the Mabuhay Germany event.
There were supposed to be activities for the kids.
I just brought my cam and a newly acquired lens for a spin to see how it will perform.

So there were high German cars like Audi, BMW and Benz.
I chanced by a demo of the BMW's Z4 Roadster's top down:
Cool huh!?
(Sorry can't find a jpg animation freeware)

And there was the puzzle game that took more than an hour!
And we didn't get any refreshment! @_@
Here's the puzzle from Ravensburger - a policital world map.
6 kids were supposed to make up a team, there's our boys waiting for the puzzle...
and I was quite shocked that they were supposed to do a 1000 piece puzzle! O_o
Good thing the hosts asked other kids and parents to join them.
Here's my wife with the other 2 girls, our boys were so bored by then :D
The girls took on the continents.
while the boys and I took on the flags.

North America?
and good thing is that we won. WHEW!!!
We got a limited edition polo shirt and ball cap for the hard work :D

And more pics from the event:
Activities for the kids, they were just given some coloring sheet :P
Enji trying to topple the cans
Coby trying to stop a plane?!
There were worms
I saw Elvis
a flower overlooking some German(?) paintings
There were plants
and an astronaut!?
We did see some showbiz personalities :)

It's a very good lens except for the flare, but I think I can do something about it.
I'm satisfied.

October 09, 2009

Pepeng did a G-clef path on Northern, first in Philippine Weather History?
It proved to be very devastating specially in Pangasinan.

Anyway, let's all pray for our countrymen -
both for Ondoy and Pepeng victims.

Here's wishing for sunny days ahead.

October 01, 2009

When will people learn...

Masdan Mo ang Kapaligiran
-- Asin --

Wala ka bang napapansin sa iyong mga kapaligiran?
Kay dumi na ng hangin, pati na ang mga ilog natin.

Hindi na masama ang pag-unlad
At malayu-layo na rin ang ating narating
Ngunit masdan mo ang tubig sa dagat
Dati'y kulay asul ngayo'y naging itim

Ang mga duming ating ikinalat sa hangin
Sa langit huwag na nating paabutin
Upang kung tayo'y pumanaw man, sariwang hangin
Sa langit natin matitikman

Mayron lang akong hinihiling
Sa aking pagpanaw sana ay tag-ulan
Gitara ko ay aking dadalhin
Upang sa ulap na lang tayo magkantahan

Ang mga batang ngayon lang isinilang
May hangin pa kayang matitikman?
May mga puno pa kaya silang aakyatin
May mga ilog pa kayang lalanguyan ?

Bakit di natin pagisipan
Ang nangyayari sa ating kapaligiran
Hindi na masama ang pag-unlad
Kung hindi nakakasira ng kalikasan

Darating ang panahon mga ibong gala
Ay wala nang madadapuan
Masdan mo ang mga punong dati ay kay tatag
Ngayo'y namamatay dahil sa 'ting kalokohan

Lahat ng bagay na narito sa lupa
Biyayang galing sa Diyos kahit nong ika'y wala pa
Ingatan natin at 'wag nang sirain pa
Pagkat pag Kanyang binawi, tayo'y mawawala na


I think this song was composed in the late 70s by the band Asin.
I grew up with their music.

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