January 14, 2011

Solder of Fortune

My passion for soldering/building is up again and I have completed (soldering components on the board) the USB > I2S DIY Kit that I got from Doede. All I need is a case to house the DDDAC and the I2S board.
Here's my board with the components ready for soldering:
More on Doede's (great) Audio Stuff @ dddac.de.

I'm debating if I should build my spare DDDAC1543. For the spare DAC board, I have to solder the CS8412 SOIC to a DIP adapter. I don't have a soldering gun for this job and so I checked the Net for a recommended gun then found this site with great tips and trivia on soldering (for the audiophile) @ http://www.gcaudio.com/resources/howtos/soldering.html.

Have to get my IC soldering gun later...

And hope to fire up the I2S|DDDAC next week.

Exciting times.

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