July 04, 2008

North by Northwest
North by Northwest is at #28 in IMDB's Top 250.
A friend has shared his AVI to me
but I haven't got the time to watch it yet :P

Obviouslyl, I'm still getting to know the Helios 44M.
I've set the cam to +.5EV but the result still looks kind of underexposed on my monitor
- metered in multisegment mode.
Maybe a full stop +EV is just enough for a wide open aperture.
Think film.

Bought this display plane last night.
My eldest son is fascinated by airplanes.
We recently took a trip via NWA airlines and we were able to ride different airplane models.
Anyway, I was surprised to see this NWA merchandise in a local shop.
Needless to say, my son was very happy with his new (display) toy :))

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